Beckett Sports SUPER BOWL’S BEST

Beckett Sports SUPER BOWL’S BEST

  • 128 page covering the biggest and best of America’s premier sporting event
  • A look at the 20 Greatest Super Bowls and Greatest Super Bowl Moments
  • Drafting the best Super Bowl team from past performances
  • Little-known Super Bowl facts and Stats from The Big Game
  • Best teams NOT to make the Super Bowl

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The Super Bowl is more than just a game to determine the champion of the NFL. It’s a cultural experience, the mostwatched single sporting event in the world. There are six-hour pregame shows to wade through, commercials to watch, halftime shows to view. . .and then there’s some football.

We’re all about the football. Some of the game’s greatest moments have occurred during the 47 Super Bowls played to date.  It’s a game where everything is magnified; every pass, every run, every kick, every play call. Some players have even made bigger careers for themselves based on a single performance in the Super Bowl.

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